Parenting: We’re losing it, Dolapo Osinbajo laments.

….Let’s renew folklore culture Adebule advises Olayinka Latona Lack of parental care especially mentoring has been described as one of the factors responsible for moral decadence, juvenile delinquency and corruption particularly among youths in the country.

This was the submission of various speakers at Breach Repairers’ National Parenting Conference held at The Guiding Light Assembly, Lagos with the theme: “Critical Rescue 2017”.
It was argued that what parents and stakeholders put into children, is what they get in return and as such there was an urgent need to rescue the recent crop of children and youths from destruction.
The guest speakers which included wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo; The Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule said there was need for a critical rescue in parenting the Nigerian child and the need for an overhaul in the upbringing of Nigerian children in every aspect and not just in education.
Speaking on the relationship between parents and children, Osinbajo in her presentation which was delivered through a video conference said the solution to good parenting lies in swift critical rescue through regular effective parenting training, parents building cordial relationship with their children and also not relent in curtailing their excesses.

 In her words: “Parents are to build a cordial relationship with their children, discover what they are passing through and seek way out of such problem otherwise these children will seek solution from wrong quarters” “Mothers should train and impact wisdom into their children, give them proper home training, teach them on the importance of integrity and honesty.
It is important to train our children and those around us in the right way; we should not shy away from curtailing their excesses. Talk to them and teach them the right thing, tell them when they are not dressing well, do not allow them to dress anyhow in the name of fashion” Lamenting on the effect of the social media on both parents and children, Osinbajo said: “It is unfortunate that most children are being trained by internet. Parents have to rise to the occasion, we have to sacrifice something for our children for them to have a brighter future.
Children need our proper attention, most parents are physically, spiritually and psychologically asleep hence the children are being deprived of good motherly care” Continuing: “Most leaders are too busy for their own homes, they fail to pay a lot of attention to their children and there is need to pay attention to these children when their character, language, dressing, hairdressing changes. The small changes that you see in them mean a lot” she said.
The Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule, in her address at the occasion called on parents not to leave the responsibility of child upbringing to teachers alone, but rather create time to be with children and instill good morals and values into them.
Adebule who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, District III, Mrs. Solarin Margaret Titilayo also lamented that parents were no longer committed to their responsibilities to their children and wards as a result of their crave for money. She said: “Because of the rat race, in the old days, mothers stay at home with their children but nowadays, mothers equally are bread winners and that is why we have left the children uncared for”.
The Deputy Governor said that the busy schedule of parents had made many of them to ignore their duties in bringing up their children, leaving it to teachers. According to her, the teachers and parents’ role of nurturing children should complement each other. “Mothers should wake up to their duties, let us create time to be with our children, we should schedule our leave towards the time of their holidays and spend qualitative with our children” “Moral education is depreciating at homes, there is need to go back to the basics, the folklore of old that we used to learn a lot of lessons from should be revisited.

Teachers, mothers, fathers and the whole community should play their parts and ensure that we have a healthy environment”.
Government role
 The Founder/Senior Pastor of Trinity House, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo called on government at all levels to effectively discharge their responsibilities towards restoring morals and values into our society.
He asked government   to place more importance to the nation’s education system, saying a healthy educational environment will go a long way in having a positive impact on the child’s education and behaviour. He said:  “We need the help of our government to provide a right healthy environment where children can learn properly because the environment where a child learns will have a great impact on the child.
 There is difference between a child that grew up in Britain and the one that grew up in a village”.


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