Let's Re-Dedicate Ourselves in the Service of Our Nation'- APC Youth Forum.

The APC Youth Forum (APYF), joins all Nigerians to welcome home our tenacious, tireless and incorruptible leader; the father of the nation; and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari, back home to Nigeria.

Having prayed for his safe return and recovery, the APYF is ecstatic and eager to see this administration continue its social reform and economic stabilization policies — as highlighted by Mr. President in his address to the Nation.

Furthermore, as fellow custodians of our great parties’ mandate, we, the young people and professionals within the party, see Mr. President’s return and underlined agenda as an opportunity to rededicate ourselves in the service of our nation — through our party, the APC.

Moving forward, we shall continue to work hard to deliver on our promises; impact the lives of our immediate communities and the grassroots through our various programs under the Social Investment and many other government programs, and work alongside the president, his amiable deputy and other esteemed leaders across Nigeria to actualize a ‘New Nigeria’ that works for all Nigerians.

We want to especially extend our gratitude, loyalty and respect to our esteemed and effective Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, for holding the fort and steering the affairs of the nation while Baba was recovering. His reconciliatory posture, his depth and intellectual curiosity in dealing with economic and social issues ensured the stability of the ship. This is a combination we had always hoped and prayed for.

We thank the Almighty for bringing back our President with even greater zeal to succeed on our parties’ mandate; and we pray that the Almighty, in His infinite mercies, wisdom and grace, will continue to bless and guide our nation and all its people. Amen.

Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed
National Chairman, APYF


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