The Dangers Of Engaging In Oral Sex; Gynaecologist.

A professor, identified as Adegboyega Fawole of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UITH, has warned that Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) has been found in the throat of people engaging in Oral s*x.

Mr. Fawole, who is of the Department of Gynaecology, UITH, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Ilorin on Tuesday that HPV was mostly sexually transmitted.

He said that the virus caused almost all cases of cervical cancer and could cause private part warts and an*l cancer.

“Oral s*x has been linked with an increased risk of acquiring HPV infection in the mouth and with an increased risk of developing oral cancers that are caused by HPV.

He said, “However, s*x in general has also been linked with these risks”.

The gynaecologist warned that those engaging in oral s*x were twice more likely to have oral HPV infection than those who did not engage in oral s*x.

Mr. Fawole, however, said there was no need for individuals in monogamous relationships to restrict their s*xual activities if the pair was in good health.

He called on people to always go for screening and check-up to guard against cancer of any kind.


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