There is a satanic onslaught against God’s original idea and structure of marriage and the institution of the family. The essence of this attack is to deconstruct and destroy the foundation upon which every other institution of society is built. Family life is now like a mighty rock at the seashore which is gradually being eroded by ferocious waves. Contrary winds from different directions are driving the waves against this rock in an unrelenting effort to push it down.

The fault lines have appeared, the cracks on the nuclear family are widening and in certain places, the whole concept of marriage is being deconstructed in preparation to completely obliterate God’s original idea of the family. Ignorant people are just standing by as if these dangerous trends do not really matter. Others think that once their own concept of marriage and family life is still intact, what others think or do really does not matter. Yet those who are seeking to destroy the family know exactly what they are doing. They are systematically desensitizing more people. They are pushing their satanic ideas into every nook and cranny of nations and compelling legislators to legalize the illegal and decriminalize the criminal.

In a recent Newsweek article entitled “I Don’t”: The Case against Marriage, Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison proudly state why they believe marriage is no longer necessary. According to them, “Once upon a time, marriage made sense. It was how women ensured their financial security, got the fathers of their children to stick around and gained access to a host of legal rights. But 40 years after the feminist movement established our rights in the workplace, a generation after the divorce rate peaked, and a decade after Sex and the City made singledom chic, marriage is – from a legal and practical standpoint, at least – no longer necessary.” Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison described themselves as “...educated, young, urban professionals, committed to our careers, friendships and, yes, relationships.”

They argue that getting married will neither “make nor break them.” There is nothing they can get from marriage that an unfettered relationship with men cannot give them. These two women belong to a new breed of liberated women who are not just living with men without marriage but who wish the whole idea of marriage dead and buried. According to them, “...the idea of marriage has become so tainted and simultaneously so idealised, that we’re hesitant to engage in it.” Quoting Hannah Seligson, author of A Little Bit Married, Bennett and Ellison argued that “Healthy partnerships are possible, for sure – but the permanence of marriage seems naive, almost arrogant”.

How did we get to conceiving marriage, an institution God called “honourable”, as unnecessary? Why would anyone in his or her right senses describe the permanence of marriage as naive or arrogant? What gives Stephanie Coontz the audacity to argue that the decline of marriage “doesn’t have to spell catastrophe”? Is the destruction of marriage and family life not the death knell for the survival of society? There can be no better time to proffer answers to these questions than in the year associated with lawlessness, disorder and divine judgment.

Two seemingly contradictory trends will operate side by side in this season of moral depravity. Sexually dysfunctional individuals and families that acknowledge their unnatural behaviors as sinful and are willing to seek help will experience definite deliverance. On the other hand, those who see sexual perversion as an alternative lifestyle to be proud of and legally promoted globally will experience the divine judgment of God. The year 2018 will bring deliverance for the penitent and judgment for the proud. It will be a year of redemption for those who seek righteousness, and retribution for those who resist regeneration. This is a season for aggressively dealing with the forces pushing for the deconstruction and destruction of marriage and the family.

We need to understand the motives and methods of those who promote this evil and obnoxious alternative. We also need to develop strategies for containing the advancement of their evil creed.


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