The Battle To Succeed Robert Mugabe Intensified.

The battle to succeed Robert Mugabe intensified on Monday after the aging Zimbabwean president fired a long-serving deputy long seen as his heir apparent.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had served as vice president since 2014 and who was exiled alongside Mr Mugabe during the 1970s war against white minority rule, was fired on Monday for "disloyalty, disrespect, deceit and being unreliable,” the country's information ministry said in statement.

Mr Mnangagwa, 75, often referred to by his war-time name, Ngwenya, (crocodile) had long been tipped to succeed Mr Mugabe, 93, when he died or retired.

The announcement followed a weekend of public humiliation for Mr Mnangagwa and was widely seen as a victory for Grace Mugabe, the Zimbabwean first lady and a potential rival for the succession. Mrs Mugabe publicly mocked him when he was in the audience at a public rally on Saturday.

The following day, she told thousands of Apostolic Church members that Mr Mnangagwa tried to overthrow her husband from independence onwards.

Mrs Mugabe said at the weekend she wanted to be a vice president and expects to be appointed to the post at the ruling Zanu PF’s congress next month. We could form a formidable party to save this country," she said.


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