How To Avoid Hell In Your Marriage.

A great marriage is not far from you. That's if you know what to do and do it. If you don't, it can become hell.  I bring you 15 more nuggets of truth to help  your marriage:

301. “I love him” cannot make someone who’s not good for you become otherwise. Neither can it by itself make a relationship work.

302. Confusion sets in when you try to satisfy a desire by breaking a relationship truth and yet expect your relationship to work.

303. Many people get into a relationship and come out confused because they got into what they don’t know. If you don’t know who you are and what you want in life, how are you ready for dating?

304. Love cannot take the place of common sense or understanding . Getting a wo/man is not the same thing as keeping her/him. Understanding wo/men in general and your wo/man in particular is a “can’t do without.”

305. Life will not change because of you. There are wolves out there. The innocence of your heart without being guarded by the maturity of wisdom will leave you a ready prey to the wolves.

306. Men are intellectual. If you will stand out among other women in his eyes, you must learn to communicate with him intellectually.

307. Women are emotional. Not understanding this about herself leaves her really craving for a man to call her five times in a day not knowing he has to hustle. Ladies get busy with your time so that you can have reasonable expectation.

308. The man who does not believe his wife is a gift to him, well equipped to help him, is hindering his own progress. Her uniqueness, differences from him, education, background, experience, exposure and more have prepared her to add to you.

309. If you’re not growing together with the love you married, you will one day find you’re married to someone you have nothing in common with.

310. Ask him questions to know where he’s going.

311. Ask her questions to know if she can help you create the future of your desire.

312. Why marry a man who is not an encouragement to you to know your God better?

313. The strengths of a woman is a leadership challenge to men. If a man has not learnt to lead himself, he is not ready for marriage.

314. You’re yet to be married to him and you observe he can’t quite make up his mind. The help you can be to him is not to tolerate his indecisiveness.

315. If he’s demanding that you prove your love though sex, he’s just trying to manipulate you. To a man sex and love are two different things. Never get deceived into proving your love or anything.

You’re as good as the environment that nurtures you.


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