What foods can you eat to lower high blood sugar.

These are some of the foods that are low in sugar.

White bread, white potatoes and white rice transform to blood sugar almost immediately after consumption and digestion, sending blood sugar levels soaring. Oatmeal is also a carbohydrate, but it has soluble fiber, which takes longer to digest and helps the person eating it to feel full.

Strawberries are naturally sweet, which causes many people with high blood sugar to stay away from them. While strawberries do have a good deal of fructose, they are lower than the high-starch foods in carbohydrates and calories. Even with the sweet flavor, these berries have enough fiber to make people feel full before they eat enough to cause blood sugar levels to spike.

Vegetables that are low in starch or have none at all, such as broccoli, green beans and spinach, are high in fiber. While starchy vegetables like corn, peas and lima beans have valuable nutrients, people worried about high sugar levels should focus on the vegetables that have almost zero starch, as the fiber helps them feel full, and their glucose levels remain steady.
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