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Tension in the Air as New Mystery Disease Leaves Doctors Baffled, 50 Hospitalized So Far

A really mysterious disease has left many doctors stunned after attacking people and leaving many hospitalized.
A mysterious disease has caused a stir in Hwange district, Zimbabwe as close to 50 people have been hospitalised at Lukosi Hospital, in the past weeks, Sunday News reports.
Patients are taken in complaining of severe pain, which causes paralysis of the backbone, lower and upper body rendering them immobile.
According to Sunday News, no deaths have been reported.
Matabeleland North provincial medical director Dr. Nyasha Masuka said 42 people complaining of back aches, joint pains and high temperatures visited Lukosi Hospital.
“Most patients were admitted for three to four days and were given antibiotics and paracetamol. Investigations for malaria turned out negative. We couldn’t conduct further tests because patients could not afford and because of limited capacity at St Luke’s Hospital.

“It’s not that we couldn’t diagnose what disease it was but we had those challenges in conduct…

Man Beats His Son To Death In Port Harcourt

Yesterday,A 7-year-old boy, identified as George Tamunoibuemie, was allegedly been murdered by his father, a police source said in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The father, who was simply described as Inimgba, reportedly struck his child with a hard object. Nobody could explain why he did so.

A neighbour, who gave her name as Stella (not real name), said the father abandoned the child, thus forcing him to fend for himself.

The neighbour said she bought a pencil for the child to go to school on Thursday only to hear he had been murdered by the father.

“Just this week, I saw this little boy at a shop, people gathered around him. He stole a doughnut and everyone was blaming his father, saying he wasn’t giving him food and that, that was why the boy stole.

They said the father and the boy’s step mum maltreated him. I saw scar all over his body. The people he stole the doughnuts from even gave him more doughnuts and soft drink.

I took the little boy to my house and interviewed him. He was an int…

Ghost Workers Discovered At The National Assembly

An ongoing staff verification at the National Assembly has led to the discovery of about 150 ghost workers.
A hundred of the ghost workers were discovered in the House of Representatives, sources said.

“The verification exercise has turned up fundamental discoveries,” one source said.

The verification is part of the measures put in place to reduce the running cost of the legislative arm.It was gathered that the debt profile of the National Assembly which is put at N17billion has been giving the leadership some concern.

The huge debt is understood to be largely responsible for the inability of the management to procure utility vehicles for the lawmakers at once, as well as upgrading of existing facilities and embarking on other projects.

A sum of N7b is earmarked for the purchase of utility vehicles for the lawmakers in the 2017 budget.

To address the debt and other management issues, following a protest by legislative aides, the management embarked on the staff verification exercise …

Those Wishing President Buhari Dead Are Heartless

Senior presidential aide, Femi Adesina, has lashed out at those wishing the president dead. He went ahead to describe them as swindlers, inhuman, evil, wicked and liars.

Adesina, in a statement, wondered why some people take delight in wishing the President dead.

Citing last weekend’s rumour of the death of Buhari especially in the social media, he said:
“They showed their pernicious hands again last Sunday, and have been on the prowl since then, roaring like a lion, seeking who to devour.

“Purveyors of death they are, and they have killed President Buhari many times over, cloned the websites of international media houses to announce the hoax, but their wishes did not become horses, so they remain stranded, with nothing to ride.

“Between January 19 this year, when the President first proceeded on vacation, and March 10, when he returned, they had announced his demise many times.

“They even created apocryphal images and footages to back up their inhuman claims, but God showed them He was t…

14 year old Physically challenged girl,crys after she failed to get a wheel chair at a charity event

14 year old physically challenged girl, Jamila Musa, pictured above, broke down in tears after she failed to get a wheel chair at a charity event organized by the  National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) Saturday. The Youth members and their leaders had gone to her community in Kiyawa local government area to donate three wheel chairs. Unfortunately the wheelchairs got to three other people but not her. She began to weep when she realized she wasn't a beneficiary of the donation by the group.