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Have you been thinking about engaging in agriculture and still not sure which aspect of agriculture to engage in?

Have you been considering what to do with your allotment during your spare time? Did you know plantain farming is a very lucrative business with less stress and a good turnover? Even though you do not want to do it for money but you are passionate about cultivating a crop that requires less attention for food?
Then plantain farming is the crop to engage in.
Plantain cultivation requires less agricultural expertise and the good thing about plantain farming is that when you plant it, it keeps multiplying and never dies. It yields year-round and is a good source of finance and as well as a source of food for the family.
At EVERGREEN HERITAGE FARMHOUSE LIMITED, we are passionate about cultivating plantains of the best quality, Our years of experience in the Agro-business has positioned us as leaders in the industry.
This advert is aimed at reaching people who want to go into…


Would you give milk to a famished child?
Milk is very essential to life growth and development. Everyone needs milk. Much as it is important, there are children who do not even get the cheapest yet most valuable type of milk which is the breast milk. Several reasons can be given for this. As a result, their physical growth is affected, mental development is retarded. Lament 4:4 says “The tongue of the sucking child cleaveth to the roof of his mouth for thirst: the young children ask bread, and no man breaketh it unto them” (KJV). Do you know there are some children who do not have access to Daily milk? It is not because they are in remote places or out of communication coverage. The only reason is that they cannot afford it. Would you be used of God to give such children the “Milk” needed for spiritual growth? A copy of Daily milk (now in full color) is N350 The 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or more copies you pay for will be distributed free to such children. This way, you would have he…

Man Set Ablaze By Wife over Infidelity.

A woman based in Kano reportedly set herself and her husband on fire early this morning, 30th May, following her suspicion of her husband of few weeks cheating on her, Punch reports.

It was gathered that the incident occurred at No 54 Middle Road residence in the Sabon Gari area of Kano, as she reportedly lit a petrol keg which exploded, engulfing herself and the husband.

Her husband who didn’t die on the spot, however died after he was rushed to Fortress Hospital at Sarki Yaki within the metropolis for medical attention, after suffering severe burns from the fire. His wife who was burnt beyond recognition, died at the spot.

Eyewitnesses alleged that the lady accused her husband of infidelity, shortly after she heard a conversation of her husband with an unidentified lady over the telephone, and then reportedly got angry and lit a keg of petrol within reach, which eventually exploded and engulfed their home at about 12am on Tuesday.

Punch reports that an eyewitness, Mr. Emmanuel Okorie, …

This Is Why You Should Stop Using Deodorant

If you’re like most American women, your typical morning routine includes a shower, brushing and flossing, and wrapping it all up in a bow with the application of a swipe or spray of deodorant. That’s before we even start with hair and makeup. In fact, a whopping 95 percent of Americans regularly use deodorant, which has made the deodorant business an $18 billion industry.

While few of us could ever imagine walking out the door without putting on deodorant, there is some compelling evidence that shows that not only is deodorant unnecessary for many, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants can even be dangerous to your health. I know, giving up deodorant or antiperspirant sounds unimaginable, but consider what scientists are discovering about their use.

The advent of the deodorant industry is relatively recent

First, let’s take a little look back on the history of deodorants and antiperspirants.

Deodorants and antiperspirants, while often dumped into the same category, are not the same …

Democracy, Biafra and a sense of history by Reuben Abati

Here’s another interesting piece from former Presidential Spokesman, Reuben Abati.

It is sad that many Nigerians today talk glibly about the possibility of a coup or of military intervention in politics. They make it seem as if this democracy is something we can exchange for something else. We need to be reminded, as we celebrate democracy day 2017, how we got to this very moment, and how precious democracy is to us as a sovereign people.

From 1966 to 1999 (with the short break of civilian rule from 1979 – 1983) the military dominated the political landscape in Nigeria. It was eighteen years ago yesterday when our country returned to civilian rule.

The military practically overstayed their welcome. The first military coup in Nigeria was in January 1966, followed by the counter-coup of July 1966, and then the civil war of 1967-70 which turned Nigeria into a military theatre more or less as the Federal forces engaged the Biafran secessionists in a fratricidal war that resulted in the loss…

Mrs Buhari departs for London .

The wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, on Tuesday departed Nigeria for the United Kingdom to join her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, who was in London for medical follow-up. Mrs Buhari departed through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on Tuesday morning. Before her departure, the wife of the President thanked Nigerians for their support and prayers for the quick recovery of Buhari. Newsmen report that the President left Nigeria for London on May 7, for medical follow-up on the advice of his doctor.

Timaya blasts follower who spotted his wrong spelling

Timaya spelt ‘reception’ wrongly in a post he made on IG, and a follower spotted it.

Young Nigerian, Engr Echendu makes giant strides in oil & gas

A young Nigerian/British Engineer, trained in the United Kingdom, Echendu Ndubuisi Endy, is making huge inroads in the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry, through the provision of logistics and other services to the industry.

At age 32, a small company (Echendu Oil and Gas Limited) he started in the UK in 2009; has grown into a multibillion dollar conglomerate, and expanded to three other countries, namely USA, Norway and Ireland.

But Echendu Ndubuisi Endy, has now turned his attention to Africa, and is currently setting up a branch of the company in his home country Nigeria, and also in Ghana, specifically in Takoradi.

With his oil company employing about 300 people including expatriates, the young businessman also employs about sixty-five people in other businesses he owns.​echendu-ndubuisi-endy

In the UK, Echendu Ndubuisi Endy owns a huge supermarket and apartments. In Nigeria he owns several houses and hostels that generate huge income for him.

In Ghana, Echendu, who appears very calm…

5 Health Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting refers to not taking either food, drink, or both by yourself with no force, for a particular period of time. It could be done partially for some certain kind of food or as totally in which no food or liquid is consumed for a day or a few days.

If you can’t skip food for a day, give up coffee or sweets, here are top reasons to fast.

This is a normal body activity when the body neutralizes or gets rid of any type of toxins in the various organs like the colon, liver, lungs, or
skin . During fasting, the body turns to the fat deposits for energy, which releases chemicals from the fatty reserves and results in the removal of these chemicals through these organs.

Improves Mental Health:
After fasting, the blood is filled with increased levels of endorphins, which makes you more alert and leaving you with a feeling of good mental health.

Reduces Risk Of Obesity: Fasting has been and is still been used to fight off obesity for a long period. It activates the liver enzymes…

FG cancels oil blocs awarded to N-Deltans

A group of investors and indigenes of the Niger Delta, yesterday, condemned the Federal Government’s cancellation of Oil Prospecting Licences,  OPL 2001, 2002 and 2003 in the Utapate field, stating that it was capable of re-igniting chaos in the Niger Delta region.

The investors affected by the cancellation are Jahcon International Limited, Hi Rev Exploration,  Production Limited and  Oil and Industrial Services Limited. Addressing newsmen in Abuja, representatives of some of the investors, said that after they won the bids for the blocs in 2007, the bid round was stalled for eight years by litigation until it was resolved amicably in 2015.
After the resolution, the representatives who chose not to be named for fear of victimisation, said the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, handed offers of OPLs 2001, 2002 and 2003 to Jahcon International Limited, Hi Rev Exploration and Production Limited and  Oil and Industrial Services Limited, respectively.

The representative of2001, stated…

Management shuts down University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan on Monday have been shut down by the school management following a protest over the issuance of students’ identity cards before the first semester examination and also the lack of electric-powered cooking appliance in the hostels.

At a congress called by the Student’s Union on Saturday, resolutions passed included an ultimatum to the school authority to constitute the Students Welfare Board and set up a committee to look into the issue of the use of electric-powered cooking appliances in the school hostels.

The Vice Chancellor of the school, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, said that the closure followed a protest by the students and to avert a breakdown of peace on campus.

Undergraduate students of the institution were advised to vacate the campus by 6pm on Monday while the first semester examination, earlier scheduled to commence in June, has been moved to July 17.

The students took over the busy Mokola-Ojoo road, causing a gridlock while calling on the school authority t…

Anxiety over IPOB’s sit-at-home order today.

…Schools announce closure in Anambra …Military helicopters hover around Kanu’s home —IPOB …We’ll clamp down on any breach of peace — Police …Police disrupt IPOB members’ meeting in Rivers …Army, police roll out tanks in Onitsha …Avoid repression of Biafra day protests —AI …All Biafrans should obey IPOB — Achuzia By Chioma Gabriel, Emeka Mamah, Emma Amaize, Emma Nnadozie, Vincent Ujumadu, Anayo Okoli, Davies Iheamnachor, Peter Okutu,  Chinonso Alozie, Nwabueze Okonkwo  & Chimaobi Nwaiwu

Awka—ALL private and mission schools in Anambra State would remain closed today in obedience to the sit-at-home directive by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.
This came as the police authorities announced clamp down on any breach of peace in the south east and south south states.
Various churches in Anambra announced to their congregation on Sunday that all schools managed by them should remain closed to enable them remember all those who died during the Biafra war.
Similarly, private schools …

The Harmful Effects of Sleeping In A Bra..Every Woman Must Know This

Bra is an abbreviation of the word “brazier.”

A bra is worn to support the br**sts, provide modesty and increase the sense of security a women feels. It temporarily affects the shape of the br**sts, such as uplifting them to create a cleavage. In the 1930s, a boyish look was fashionable, so bras were worn to flatten the chest. For larger women, it also provides welcome control. However, there has been a strong dialogue about the harmful effects of wearing a bra, especially during sleep.


Wearing a bra can be irritating for some women at the best of times, so sleeping could enhance this feeling. Women who sleep on their back may feel the bra catch press into their skin, causing discomfort. An underwire bra could also dig into the underside of the chest tissue, causing scratching or red grooves. The effect of these problems is waking through the night and continuous discomfort.

Weakened Ligaments
Although support is a primary reason to wear a bar, it can actually be adverse to a…

“My Babe Now Acts Cold To Me, How Do I Turn The Situation Around?”

She no longer comes to my place anymore. I’m confused [because] even when I call her, she sounds dull and tired.

My name is Chike, [and] for some days now my relationship with my girlfriend has been cold.
She sounds like she’s no longer interested but she always say I’m angry with her.
She no longer comes to my place anymore. I’m confused even when I call her she sounds dull and tired.
I really love her and I don’t want to lose her. What should I do?
I feel the best the first/best thing to do is to watch the way you speak or act to her. Whatever is being said to make her feel that you are angry with her needs to be stopped.
You need to always make her feel safe and happy; not scared and worried. That could be why she is acting cold to you.
If, however, you have been gentle, kind and loving to her as your mail suggests, then, this matter seems pretty straight forward.
All you mentioned are the signs you see or notice when someone has lost interest in a relationship.
So you are quite right with…