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Prof.Wole Soyinka Awards Certificates To 16 Halifield College Teens For Active Participation In The Lagos @ 50 Celebrations

THIRTEEN year old Azino Ebe was amongst the 16 Halifield College students that helped with the artworks used in the Beautification of Lagos @ 50 recently...

They Worked with Professor Wole Soyinka who was the Chairman of the Lagos @50 planning committee...
They were presented with the certificates on Saturday June 17,2017.

Congrats to all of the Certificate Recipients for impacting their Environment positively at their young ages.....They are indeed the Future we look forward to and their parents must be so proud of them...

Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buhari Unveils Her Baby Daddy

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari suddenly went off the radar when she became pregnant....

She stay off movies and stayed away from Nigeria where she was getting movies roles left,right and centre.
Since she had her twin daughters,the actress has been shielding their faces and the face and identity of her baby daddy....
Looks like she unveiled him yesterday....

Acting President Osinbajo Gives Advice To Men Involved In Domestic Violence..

Yesterday June 18th was Father's day in Nigeria and Acting President Osinbajo attended the Aso Rock Chapel...After Church service,he met with Journalists who asked questions....

His advice to men involved in domestic violence?

For us, the Scripture says that we must love our wives as ourselves and also goes on to say that any one who does not love his wife certainly does not love himself. Anyone who indulges in any form of domestic violence obviously needs some teaching and some discipline. I think it is a shame. Although in some cases you find that it is a disorder of some kind or the other. And I think people need to be counseled. In some cases people need to be treated. It really is a sort of thing that should never be tolerated, beating anybody at all is wrong, let alone beating one’s wife who is supposed to be one and the same person.

His thought on if fathers played their role as fathers of the nation?

Well just as I was saying, Christian fatherhood has the responsibility of bui…

Osinbajo Tells Northern Traditional Leaders ''We All Agree Our Nation Should Remain One

Acting President gives an overall view, so far, of his ongoing consultations over ethnic agitations and exchanges between groups in the North and South-East at Iftar dinner he hosted earlier tonight at the Presidential Villa with Northern Traditional Rulers.

''The way that we see things developing around our nation today (obviously as you said, even within families, you have disputes, you have controversies) is worrisome. All of us have however agreed that our nation must remain one. When we spoke yesterday with traditional rulers from the South-East; despite the issues that were raised here and there. I think that there is clarity as to that one thing, that our country ought to remain, must remain a united country''.


Let me first say how honoured I am…

When You Die Your Digital Life Lives On An Article

We live in a world – the digital age- where we virtually do everything online from corresponding to shopping, banking and socializing.

We send and receive emails; shop for virtually everything online; socialize through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc; watch movies on YouTube and Netflix; check our bank balances; store our music collection on iTunes – we do everything online.

The average person has at least 25 online accounts, all with different passwords and web addresses.

But what happens to them when you die or become incapacitated? There are currently lawsuits going in the United States right now where people are suing online companies like Facebook and Yahoo for refusing to give them access to their deceased ones’ accounts.

Your digital accounts will not know you’re no longer around and will keep your accounts open and continue to send updates, receive emails etc.

When it comes to closing accounts owned by deceased persons all the online platforms have different policies – some co…

7 Things That Shorten The Lifespan Of Your PC

Computers like other devices have a short lifespan. Your computer gets noisier, slows down, and shows error messages which are signs that something is wrong with your computer. This problem occurs when certain things happen to your computer.

In line with this, Jumia Travel shares 7 things to avoid if you want your computer to last longer.

Power surges
Power surges may be as a result of lightning strikes or sudden restoration of power. This can be risky as it can damage your computer's motherboard, lead to data loss and even your charger could explode. It is advisable you use a stabilizer.

Battery drain
This is for those that allow their batteries to run out before they charge it. Just be prepared to perhaps buy another battery if you continue with this habit.

Limited ventilation
Your computer's fan is not there for fun. And it is no gainsaying that heat is one of the major things that can harm your computer. This will make your system perform like a snail and your battery will qu…

Husband Who Used To Overrule His Wife In Front Of Kids Shares His Experience

A Nigerian man Stan Ekezie, said that eavesdropping on an argument between his kids made him stop undermining his wife in front of them. According to him, he did that because he wanted to show his kids who is in charge.

Read what he shared below:

“In order to show my kids who is in charge, I have had to overrule my wife’s decision a few times on almost every aspect of our family life, not in a malicious way though. Just enough to show the kids that I am in charge and my consent or refusal on any issue is final. Even when she says no, the kids will file an appeal with me, I will tell my wife to let them go, and even when she disagrees with me, she will still consent, telling them that if your dad says it’s ok, she can’t say otherwise. She always tried to maintain the hierarchy of leadership so the kids can see and learn. Kudos to her.

One day I over heard the kids plotting to go to the cinema, the youngest one told them to tell mummy first, I know she will say no, then we can ask daddy a…

10 Things Some Women Do That Could Destroy Marriage

Written by Toks
Some men are difficult, but women as home builders must understand that marriage is a decent and sacred institution that must be treated with utmost respect and guided with all sense of decency.

Below are things some married women do that could destroy their marriage:

1. Poor communication:
In every relationship we find ourselves, communication is vital. No one is a mind reader and no matter what it may be that could be a reason for your unhappiness, speak out immediately in a stern manner and not lackadaisically.

Some wives are found of calling relatives to complain about certain issues meanwhile the hubby at home does not have an idea of how hurting they are concerning that issue.

2. Sharing their marital issue with a male admirer/friend.
Not every guy you know is responsible. We have some low lives that has no regard for any form of decency and it is no news that many guys are in this category.

When you discuss your marital issues with an admirer or a male friend, what t…

Nigerian Lady Adebimpe Graduates As The Overall Best In New Jersey University

Congratulations are in order for a beautiful Nigerian lady identified as Adebimpe Daniells, who graduated in flying colors topping the 2017 Graduating set of Rutgers University-Newark USA with a First Class in Information System.

According to reports, the brilliant Nigerian finished as overall best student in the 2017 graduating set at the New Jersey University. A big congrats to her!

Female Student Delivered From Masturbation & Stealing By Prophet TB Joshua

Susan from Niger State studying medicine in the Caribbean island of Saint Kits stood to testify to the world of her deliverance from the spirits of lust, masturbation and stealing that had plagued her life from a young age.

I also watched her testimony live on Sunday. Details below:

She explained how the spirit of lust entered her at the tender age of ten when she received calls on her mobile phone from an unknown caller, teaching her how to masturbate herself. From there, she began to engage in social networking and watching pornography.

A brilliant child who excelled in school, Susan’s mind was clouded by lust and she lost focus.

At the age of 16, she got into a relationship with a man and to her dismay, tested positive for a pregnancy test. The doctor in the clinic that confirmed she was pregnant reassured her that he would conduct an abortion. He later told her that in order for the abortion to be possible, she needed to sleep with a man again and persuaded her that she should sleep …

3 Ways A Good Father Can Leave A Positive Legacy

Being a father is tough because we learn how to parent while on the job.

Love Your Wife.
Affirm You Children.
Enjoy Life Together.

Ken Druck and James Simmons in The Secrets Men Keep discuss six major secrets men have. At the top of the list is that “men secretly yearn for their fathers love and approval.” This is often without their conscious knowledge that this yearning manifests itself in the drive that many males have to prove themselves. The authors say:

It may surprise us to know that the most powerful common denominator influencing men’s lives today is the relationship we had with our fathers …. Of the hundreds of men I have surveyed over the years, perhaps 90 percent admitted they still had strings leading back to their fathers. In other words, they are still looking to their fathers, even though their fathers may have been dead for years, for approval, acceptance, affection, and understanding.

These article is not about being a perfect dad. If it were, I would be completely unqual…