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Ways To Help Your Teenage Son Become A Good Man

If you’re the mother of a teenage son, you may think that he needs you less now than he did when he was younger. But the teen years are a crucial time for you to influence your son. As your son moves from boyhood to manhood, he’ll experience many challenges that can be tough to navigate, and he’ll look to you to help him figure out how to become the man that God wants him to become.
  Here’s how you can use your powerful influence as a mom to help your teenage son become a good man:

Help your son deal with changes in his body and mind. During the teen years, your son’s body and mind will undergo many changes that God designed to propel him from a boy to a man. Your son’s levels of the hormone testosterone will fluctuate as he goes through physical changes such as growing taller and deepening his voice, and mental changes like processing information differently in his brain than he did before. If his peers view him as somehow not being masculine enough, he may suffer ridicule from them t…

5 Ways To Deal With Social Media Backlash

You do not have to be a celebrity before tantrums are thrown at you on social media. Very few people care whether you are right or wrong, they just criticise. Before you know it, you are at the top of the trends on Twitter. Ironically, what you said may not be as a result of a tweet or Instagram post but an interview. A good example of this is the backlash Falz faced after he chastised some musicians for glorifying Yahoo Yahoo (Internet Fraud) in their songs.

Another example is the case of Kemen in Big Brother Nigeria who trended for days because of the encounter he had with Tboss. The impact of these backlashes can be between mild or severe depending on the individual. Hence, if poorly handled, it can escalate into something you never imagined. In line with this, Jumia Travel shares ways to deal with social media backlash.

Delete offending materials
If you tweeted or shared a post that is causing quite a controversy, you should delete it immediately. Do not try to be defensive or just…

8 Things I Learned My First Year of Marriage

I’ve heard people say marriage is hard, but mostly all I noticed during the many years I was single was that marriage looked pretty fun. There were the double dates, constant companionship, and vacations together. People mentioned it was hard but I never really knew what that meant...until now.

Next week I celebrate my one-year anniversary with my dashing husband Ryan and it’s been the best year! I’ve learned a lot in the last year; things I could have only learned in marriage. Things you learn when you share one space with another who can push your buttons like no other. Or when you’re house hunting and finding the middle ground can be a challenge. Or when you’re balancing your checkbook together.

Here are eight valuable lessons I’ve learned in my first year of marriage:

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate
My husband and I are in the middle of buying our first home. At first, it was exciting as we dreamed about a place to make our own, settle into for a while, and start our family.…

5 Things To Never Axe From Your Budget

A budget is important for you to check your spending and finances. So, in a bid to survive on your budget, you may want to throw out some things. However and at the same time, there are things that are too important to get rid of.

Therefore, no matter what you earn, they must always feature in your budget. Jumia Travel shares 5 things to never remove from your budget.

Car repair and maintenance
If you own a car, then you know that it could go haywire anytime. So, to keep your car in good working condition, you must make arrangements for repairs and maintenance in your budget. Ignoring this will result in the car completely breaking down and you have to spend more.

Healthy food
Your body needs to function and the fuel that can make this possible is nutritious and healthy food. But quite a number of people eat junk. Try to budget for healthy food so that you can eat proper food even if it is once a day.

Nigerians are still skeptical about insurance. It is one of the first things t…

I Lost My Job, Now I Am Losing My Dignity At Home

Looks like some young wives today need to change their orientation and learn to be supportive.

A Nigerian man, Lander, shares his story:

    I was working in a bank until recently when my employment was terminated. When I had the job, I took my family welfare as my priory. My wife and our only son were faring good, I always ensure we do not lack the basic necessities.

    Meanwhile, my wife did not have a job then. All the house upkeep expenses including the cost of running her postgraduate program were on me.

    I felt comfortable bearing the costs as the breadwinner of the family. After I lost my job in the bank some month ago, my wife got an employment with the state government. With her little income, she has been able to assist in bearing some expenses, even she pays for fueling our car sometimes.

    The drama has now started in the house and our marriage is on the verge of breaking up.
    Any little issue, my wife will turn it to quarrel, different abuses. Funny enough, she…

5 Technologies That Will Define Our Lives In The Future

There is no gainsaying that technology is now a major part of our life. Some of these techs are playing significant roles in our lives, like social media; others are for the future. These future techs will soon become widely available and if you are not prepared for it, you may find yourself out of the game. It will change a lot of things, especially in the way you work.

Jumia Travel identifies some of these techs that will define our lives in the next decade.

Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of things (IoT) is the ability of different devices to be able to communicate because they are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. They are usually regarded as connected devices or smart devices. This also includes Wearable technologies.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer technology that adopts headsets to produce realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a u…

Brazilian Police Captures Notorious Drug Kingpin Who Changed His Looks And Evaded Justice For Almost 30yrs

Brazil's most wanted drug lord - who used plastic surgery to evade capture for almost 30 years - has finally been arrested.
Police stormed the home of Luiz Carlos da Rocha yesterday finding him armed, alongside his wife and young son.

Brazen Rocha has amassed a multi-million pound fortune as one of the world's biggest drug's barons, importing tonnes of cocaine into Brazil and across the world.

Brazilian police said his organisation was known to be violent, making use of armed escorts, armoured cars, and heavy weapons.

It produced cocaine in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, before shipping it through an elaborate logistics system to Europe and the United States.

Officers managed to snare the notorious crook - nicknamed "White Head" - after infiltrating his global trafficking gang.

Operation Spectrum - the name given to the sting - seized some £7.6million worth of criminal assets, including farms, other real estate, luxury vehicles and aircraft.

Yet police believe his overall …

Quentin Tarantino Is Engaged to Girlfriend Daniela Pick

Never been married before movie director Quentin Tarantino is reportedly engaged to girlfriend Daniela Pick, according to The Times of Israel. The director, 54, met the Israeli singer in 2009 while promoting his film Inglorious Basterds. The two have had an on-again off-again relationship, but appear to be settling down.

Pick, 33, reportedly confirmed the news to Ynet and said that the couple were “very happy and excited.”

She is the daughter of Israeli singer and songwriter Tzvika Pick.

The article by The Times of Israel was tweeted from the official account of The New Beverly Cinema movie theater in Los Angeles, which Tarantino owns.

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