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Post And Delete By Actor Alexx Ekubo's Babe Fancy Acholonu

Alexx Ekubos girlfriend Fancy is normally quite on the social media but this time she cant Keep shut and has a good question to ask.
Should posting naked pictures of someone else be a crime?

Fancy asked this After Rob kardashian broke the internet yesterday posting naked pictures of Black Chyna ..

Outraged Nigerian-American model Fancy Acholonu had this to say

"Rob kardashian did what????? 😨 Ladies! Men! Boys! girls! & other! Don't send nudes! Protect yourself from this happening to you! #haveclass & FYI #revengeporn should be a crime, do you agree? "

 Should posting a naked picture of someone be a crime? Or are you asking for it when you send it?

*It doesnt matter whether you sent it or not,this is a crime and I pray Blac sues him for everything he is worth..He had no right to shame her like that...If she's a HO,then walk away...
Not like his sister's are any better changing men all the time and his fame is tied to his sister's s3x video..Hellooooo.
I ho…

Police Say They Have Commenced Investigation Into The Kidnap Of The Baale Of Shangisha

Following the Kidnap of Shangisha Traditional ruler, the Lagos Police Command spokesperson, ASP Olaride Famous-Cole has revealed that the command has launched an investigation into the ugly incidence. Recall that on Wednesday 5th of July 2017 Yusuf Ogundare, the Baale of Shangisha reported to have been kidnapped by unknown gunmen who in disguise claimed to be potential land buyers.

According the Baale’s brother Mohammed Adams, Baale Yusuf Ogundare was invited to CMD Guest House by some unknown men over the phone claiming that they wantd to buy piece of land. He stated further that while taking the men to Shangisha inside the buyer's Toyota Venza car with unknown registration no, for the inspection of the land, they discovered that the men 3 of them were armed.

Subsequently, the hoodlums diverted the journey and on getting to Domino's Pizza Junction, along the CMD Rd, Shangisha, he was dropped by the roadside while his brother was taken away to an unknown destination. Effort to r…

Governors Angry As EFCC Is Set To Recover $3m From Squandered Paris Fund.

Governors were up in arms yesterday against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which they accused of “shadow boxing” one of their own.

The Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) asked the EFCC to allow Zamfara State Governor Abdulaziz Yari face his job.
But the anti-graft agency told The Nation that a member of the House of Representatives had offered to surrender for investigation on how $3million was laundered for a governor from the London-Paris Club refund.

The EFCC source did not name Yari, who is also the chairman of the NGF.....out of the three suspects wanted in connection with the cash, one has refunded about $500,000.
Also, in another investigation, a governor made about 24 calls to pressurise a consultant to launder N500million into a mortgage firm for him.

The consultant was paid about 0.64 per cent of the N19billion and $86million deducted from the London-Paris Club refund and remitted into two accounts of the NGF.
The House member wrote to the EFCC on June 30, saying …

5 Signs Of Childish Adult

There are two types of ages: the physical and emotional age. A childish adult is basically a person whose physical age is that of an adult, but whose emotional age is that of a child.

Jumia Travel shares 5 signs of a childish adult.

Looking for Who to Blame
When an adult hardly takes responsibility for his/her actions, and constantly looks for who to blame, that’s might be a sign of emotional immaturity in an adult. Typically, when things go wrong children look for who to blame, while adults take responsibility and try to figure out how to fix the problem.

Poor Impulse Control
Children tend to be impulsive when they are hurt or mad – they speak recklessly or take impulsive action without pausing to think about the consequences. Adults that mimic such behavior when reacting to issues show signs of emotional immaturity. Adults are typically better at self-control and understand themselves enough to calm themselves and resist the impulse to act before they think in a given situation. This…

How To Reach A Breakthrough In Your Marriage

I am asked by couples to "save our marriage". They are desperate and diligently seeking help. Tired and worn, frantic to figure out what is going on to wreak such havoc, they often travel great distances to work with me.

Most of the stories share similar themes: They have tried numerous counselors before me; they say, “This is our last attempt to save our marriage”; they want me to speak boldly into their life.

It is this last point I wish to highlight.

“Do you want me to share what I see that might be going wrong?”

“Oh yes,” the couple proclaims. “We wouldn’t have come all this way if we didn’t want your help.”

“Yes,” I say reassuringly. “I know your intentions are good. But, do you really want me to say what I see? Do you want the things in the dark to be brought into the light?”

“Yes,” again they echo. And they mean well.

I indicate that we will listen carefully to each tell their story, what is going wrong for them in the marriage, all the while seeking truth to emerge, as it …