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Photos of The First Gay Muslim Couple Marry in UK.

Two Muslim gay couple have married each other in an elaborate wedding held in the United Kingdom.

The first ever gay Muslim wedding has taken place in the UK, Metro has reported. The obviously happy grooms Jahed Choudhury, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, tied the knot in Walsall registry office in traditional Muslim attire.

Before their wedding, the two have been together for two years, first met when Choudhury was crying on a bench in Darlaston. Speaking about their relationship, Choudhury told the Express and Star: ‘I’d not long overdosed and I was crying on a bench and Sean came over and asked if I was okay.’
Adding that Sean gave him hope at his lowest point and has stood by him ever since.

Choudhury said that being an openly-gay Muslim made him feel like something of a ‘black sheep’ and that he ‘stood out like a sore thumb’ and often felt trapped between his se*uality and faith.
He tried to deny his orientation and even tried taking medication and a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Corals Found Deep in The Ocean Produce Their Own Sunlight to Survive

A light in the dark places.

When you're a coral hanging out in the shallows, too much sunlight is a bad thing. Ultraviolet radiation can mess up the algae that live within coral bodies and provide them with much of their sustenance.

That's why many corals fluoresce in sunlight, producing proteins as a kind of sunblock for their little algae buddies. But this made biologists wonder - why do coral species that live deep in the dark sea also fluoresce if they don't have to protect themselves?

Now researchers from the University of Southampton have figured out that deep-sea corals fluoresce for the exact opposite reason to their counterparts from the shallows - but it's still all for the benefit of the algae.

Most corals are symbiotic organisms - these marine invertebrates host microscopic algae of the genus Symbiodinium, commonly known as zooxanthellae. The algae have a safe haven to hang out and eat the coral's waste in the form of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. In return,…

8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Perfectionist

Nobody (or nothing) is perfect. This has become an over-flogged mantra. Notwithstanding, there are still some people who feel that everything they do must be 100%. A mistake that they make is that they think being a perfectionist is a good thing. This is not really so. And if this is not the case, they become sad, depressed, and forlorn. Consequently, these very talented people are always having problems not only with themselves but with people around them.

Hence, it would be nice to know how to identify a perfectionist. These tips shared by Jumia Travel will be of great help.

They are always trying to please everyone
Certainly, we cannot please everybody. But a perfectionist does not understand this. They will try to please others at their own discomfort and detriment. This is why others can easily take advantage of them.

They attain their goals by any means
Attaining their goals is what they care about. They do not even mind if they break the rules or go overboard to reach their goals…

7 Ways To Deal With A Competitive Friend

Having a competitive friend can be a difficult experience, everything they do is to prove in one way or another that they are better than you or more better off than you are, rather than enjoying your successes and celebrating your accomplishments.

Jumia Trave shares 7 ways to deal with a competitive friend.

Try to Be Understanding
It goes without saying that it’s not right to judge a person till you have been or at least tried to be in their shoes. Your overly competitive friend probably has self-esteem issues that’s stirring up this jealousy and competitiveness in them. This doesn’t excuse their behavior but it does help you see where they are coming from and potentially help them.

Talk To Them
Sometimes your friends might not even know that they are being competitive. Try talking to them and let them know your feelings about the situation. Stage a kind of intervention where you calmly relate with them and give instances of their competitiveness (preferably with evidence or with a wi…

Man Set Self Ablaze Over Wife’s Infidelity In Delta

ddle-aged man has reportedly set himself ablaze over an allegation of his wife infidelity in the Owharen Street area of Ovwian in Udu Council Area of Delta State.

The sad incident occurred on Friday inside the apartment of the victim.

Sources said the incident, however, led to serious anxiety among residents of the area as the inferno spread to other apartments as properties worth millions of naira were said to have been destroyed in the process.

A resident of the area hinted that the victim had in the weeks past threatened to kill himself after his wife was reportedly caught pants down with one his male messengers in the area.

The source added that on Friday when the man got home, he locked himself and poured fuel on his body and thereafter light himself where he burnt beyond recognition before help could come.

“Some few weeks ago, his wife, Blessing was caught pant down by their neighbours with a young boy who washes the Keke of the man. The boy is one of the boys whom he usually sent on…