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Davido’s Father Secures The Release Of 200 Prisoners

Davido’s father Adedeji Adeleke has secured the release of two hundred prisoners in Osun state after he paid their fines. According to the vice chairman of the Springtime Development Foundation owned by Adedeji Adeleke, the foundation also provided seven hundred mattresses and pillows for inmates at the prison in Ilesha. Vice Chairman Banji Adesuyi who was at the prison on Tuesday, July 18, noted that the foundation decided to help the inmates after Adeleke visited the prison.

Adesuyi expressed that Adeleke became aware of the state of the prison when he found out that some inmates were made to sleep on bare floor during his visit with All Progressives Congress chieftain, Djekola Oyedele, who was detained.

The foundation also paid fines of inmates who were unable to pay fines as low as N5,000. One of the inmates, Ekene Madunagwu, expressed appreciation to the Adeleke foundation, saying that he had not seen anybody demonstrate the kind of gesture shown by the businessman. Adesuyi furthe…

Justin Bieber stepped out shirtless for a lunch date.

Justin Bieber stepped out shirtless for a lunch date at local restaurant Sugarfish Sushi in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The Canadian singer's outing came shortly after hit single Despacito was named most streamed song of all time. Bieber, 23, remixed and added vocals to the track by Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanke, thereby making it a hit.

For the lunch date, the star was naked from the waist up, his collection of tattoos visible for all. He only had on a pair of red shorts and matching socks as he headed inside the popular Japanese eatery. Later, he pulled on his T-shirt and was photographed making funny faces as he chatted with Laura Lentz, the wife of Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz.

Ways Women, Can Help Their Husband.

Marriage is a God-ordained institution and a living representation of Christ’s love for His Church. So it isn’t rocket science that the enemy would abhor and attack the sanctity of marriage.

And it should come as no surprise that this same enemy would use petty disagreement to create a culture within the home that puts a wife at odds with the one she loves most.

He’d like nothing more than for our husbands to feel disrespected, discarded, and even demeaned by us—the very ones who vowed to love, honor, cherish them. That’s because he knows that if husbands feel valued and respected by their wives, they’ll thrive in their position as head of the marriage. And when that happens, the marriage thrives!

You can stand firm against the enemy’s threats to your marriage by asking God to:

· Help you show your husband respect in your words and actions
· Guard his heart and mind from temptation
· Surround your marriage with a hedge of protection from the enemy

In addition to prayer, here are 7 practical…

WAEC Released the Result Of A young Girl With 9 A's.


5 Tips For Driving Safe At Night.

Traveling or driving at night can be quite risky, however, there are some occasions when you just wouldn’t be able to avoid it. In these situations, there are some safety tips to take note of to help keep you safe and protected throughout the journey.

.Use Defensive Driving Techniques
It is important to be very anticipatory when driving or traveling at night because you never know which driver might just, out of negligence, get himself in a dangerous driving situation that you don’t want to be anywhere near. It’s also advisable not to tailgate when driving or traveling at night.

Avoid Drivers Who are Swerving or Drifting
This could indicate the driver is either intoxicated or drowsy on the wheel; you should thus keep your distance from such drivers.

Be Sure to Avert Your Eyes From Oncoming Traffic
This should be done to help prevent the temporary blindness that comes with your eyes being exposed to the sudden bright light from oncoming cars. It will take your eyes time to adjust to the…

How To Speak The Truth In Love?

I once knew a woman from the south who told me a person could get away with saying anything so long as they added “Bless their heart” to the end of it. She was right too. As if by some magical power, those three words could hide any rude comment in the trappings of polite conversation.

“They think he’s gifted, bless their heart.”

“They should not let her wear purple, bless their heart.”

Unfortunately, this trend also exists in Christian circles.

We simply say we’re, “Speaking the truth in love”.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that we live in a very polarized world, and Christians will frequently find themselves in disagreement with people they know and care about. The Bible instructs us to confront a brother or sister whenever we believe them to be sinning (2 Timothy 4:2), but too often our response is akin to bludgeoning others into submission, then justify our actions as, “speaking the truth in love”. In the same vein as that southern blessing, we disguise our hasty words and har…