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Miss Tanzania Millen Magese- suffers from Endometriosis.

The former Beauty queen announced the good news on her page. She suffers from Endometriosis.
Her son Prince Kairo was born on July 13th and she says she prays a cure for Endo... is found.
Congrats to her!

...And to everyone else who has been rendered TTC by Endometriosis.may God step in and lift you up....

Turbulent Times in Marriage.-Damilola Adegbite and her husband Chris Attoh.

A while back, news made rounds that delectable actress, Damilola Adegbite and her husband, Chris Attoh, were having turbulent times in their marriage.

While Attoh responded to the news the best way he could, his wife never really did the same.

But in a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the actress opened up on the current situation of their marriage.

“Part of the price that we pay for being famous is the rumour they peddle against us. Some people believe that they have an opinion about your personal life and anyone can just say anything that they like at any time. I don’t know where the rumour of my marriage crisis emanated from; neither do I know how it started but we don’t pay attention to things like that. We are used to such talks and we have been in this industry for years, so you can throw anything you want at me or talk about my career. I don’t know where that came from but my marriage is fine.

“People react to things differently but I laughed when I saw the news. From my post on …

''Don’t Ever Marry A Woman Who’s Richer Than You''- Says John Dumelo.

Ghanaian actor and farmer, John Dumelo, has advised men not ever marry a woman who is financially stronger than them.

According to the actor, ‘fortunately or unfortunately, when women have a lot of money, they tend to be somehow disrespectful.’

Dumelo revealed this on GTV program dubbed ‘What Men Like’, and the conversation was centered on whether men like dating ladies who are financially well off.

The actor also went ahead to explain the kind of woman he would love to settle for.

“I just want a woman who is OK but the potential is there to be rich, for us to be rich together. She’s ambitious, she’s a go getter, she’s entrepreneurial. We can get the money together.”

He added that if he had to date a woman like that, he would just have to make sure not to depend on her financially.

Beautiful woman who interprets movie scripts is a year older today-Doris Simeon.

This Beautiful woman who interprets movie scripts is a year older today and I am sure everyone who knows her knows this and celebrate with her...

Wishing her a good day should be the focus....

Happy Birthday Doris.....

''Modupe mofiyin foluwa modupe mofiyin foluwa won torimi raja lowo baba oni posi modupe mofiyin foluwa. Father for the gift of life i bless u, daddy for the strength I bless u, for seeing my family friends and well wishers and for been celebrated this much it's not by my might but by ur grace Lord I bless ur holy name. #julyborn #julyqueen#ledgendsareborninjuly #july22 happy birthday to me''

How To Handle Divorce.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality today; there is a 30-50 percent divorce rate. Regardless of which side you stand on the issue, as Christians, we are called to reach out to those in need to show the love of Christ. And like any issue in the church or society at large, it is best handled when it is understood. With that in mind, consider the difficult things the divorced in your church have been through and what you can do to minister to them:

1. Unfathomable Grief

Going through divorce is an actual tearing of the flesh where two had become one. The tear is painful and slow and a literal death of everything we hoped for, dreamed about, and worked for our entire lives. Unlike other losses, it’s often compounded when lifelong friends avoid you, family walks away from you, and strangers you’ve never met discuss your personal matters as if they were privy to such things. While other tragedies result in people gathering to help, offer support, and stand with you, the opposite often occurs…

Monica Ambrose Wants to be President In Nigeria.

Monica Ambrose a beautiful Nigerian woman based in the Netherlands has declared her intentions to be Nigeria’s next President and even though she says she is not Joking,I find her declaration comical...I guess she was bored!