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Miss Kogi Ambassador Jameela Abdulkareem Is Set To Launch Anti - Drug Program.

The reigning Miss Kogi State Ambassador‎ Abdulkare‎em Jameela Onize has released some northern oriented photos to mark the flagging off of her project in the state.

The soft spoken beauty queen who emerged last year at the keenly content pageant show has been on the low key but now set out to fight against drug abuse.
 Jameela, a 400 level undergraduate of Federal University Of Technology, Minna‎ will launch a seminar tagged "ANTI - Drug Program" which will attract health specialists, NDLEA officials, NGOS and other health related ministries to curtail or totally eradicate the menace ravaging most of the youths in the state.
The much anticipated program is open to partners and sponsors as the elegant beauty Ambassador leads a crusade of Anti - drug project with her office as Miss Kogi Ambassador 2016/ 17.

 Speaking to cross section of journalists recently in Abuja,She said the project is beyond her office responsibility but a passion to be remembered in this fight against dru…

A 39-Year-Old Nigerian, Aressted For Beating His Stepson To Death.

A 39-year-old Nigerian, Marvyn Iheanacho, who was arrested for beating his five-year-old stepson, Alex Malcolm, to death for losing a shoe, has bagged a life sentence after being found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court in the United Kingdom.

Sun reports that the jurors of the court was said to hear that Iheanacho had taken Alex with him to pick up DVDs from his friend’s place on November 20, 2016. On the way, the pair stopped at Mountsfield Park in Hither Green where a witness overheard that the child saying ‘sorry’ for losing his shoe before he attacked him.

Jurors were shown footage of Iheanacho carrying Alex in a “fireman’s lift” away from the park and towards a taxi rank where he asked for a cab to his girlfriend Lilya’s home.

When he arrived at the address, Iheanacho attacked his partner to stop her calling an ambulance, and shouted: “Keep your fing mouth shut.” It was learnt that Iheanacho suggested putting the schoolboy in a bath before wrapping him in a towel and assaulted.


Young Orphan, Miss Rukayat Yakubu Was Among The 2,759 Called To The Bar in Abuja.

Young Orphan, Miss Rukayat Yakubu was among the 2,759 called to the Bar in Abuja last week following their success at the July 2017 Bar final examinations conducted by the Nigerian Law School under the supervision of the Council of Legal Education.

Rukayat was accompanied by the Founder of Elizabeth Foundation, Mrs Adelani, alongside her loved ones to the colourful call-to-bar ceremony at International Conference Centre in Abuja.
Rukayat Yakubu was an orphan picked up by Elizabeth Foundation from secondary school stage down to the Law School, we glorify the good Lord for her achievement and while we wish her successful days ahead.

Husbands Desire Respect And Admiration.

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” - Proverbs 12:4

If you asked every wife which she would rather be, a wife of noble character or a disgraceful wife, I would venture to guess that about 99.9% of the time she would say she would rather be a wife of noble character. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of being my husband’s “crown;” his beautiful adornment, his status symbol.

I don’t like making blanket assumptions, but I hope you’ll forgive me and allow me to make a general statement for the purposes of this post. Generally, wives desire love and affection while husbands desire respect and admiration.

Yes, there are always exceptions, and everyone requires and deserves respect. But there is a difference in the way that is shown between husbands and wives.

Our husbands need to know that we admire, appreciate, and respect them. Sure, they know we love them, but do we actively notice what they do for us? Do we show t…