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Protest In Port Harcourt Over Escape Of Uniport Student That Brutally A 7Year Old Girl.

This is a an ongoing protest around Eliozu portharcourt concerning the 200L uni-port under graduate ritualiist who killed 7 year old girl and escaped from police custody. They want the police the provide him.
 How did this man escape?The Police should explain......
They should arrest everyone that knows him..track his phone.anything!
He brutally murdered a little girl and will do it again!

Abia State Gov Ikpeazu Congratulates Ambassador Wigwe.

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has, on behalf of the Government and good people of Abia State sent a message of congratulations to the newly appointed Provost of the National Defence College of Nigeria, His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe, an indigene of the state.

Formerly known as the National War College, the National Defence College of Nigeria is the apex Military Institution in Nigeria where very senior officers of the Nigerian Military, mostly Generals, are trained in policy formulation, Defence matters and strategic studies. It ranks higher above both the Nigeria Defence Academy where military Cadets are trained and the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies where middle level officers are trained.
The College serves both the Nigerian military and several African countries.

With this appointment, Ambassador Wigwe is the highest ranking non Military Officer in the management of the institute and is only lower than the College Commandant, De…

6 Tricks To Remember Things Easily.

Occasional memory loss in inevitable, but there are a couple of tricks that can help you start remembering things much more easily than you do now.
Try Visualizing Things
Converting words to pictures is one of the best ways to improve recall. This is because we naturally remember the things we’ve seen (that is, visual cues), better than we remember words. Also, the more senses you involve in trying to learn or remember something, the more likely you are to recall it. When you try to visualize something you want to remember, you increase your chance of remembering that thing.

So the next time you’re traveling and want to remember important documents, you can try to commit your task to memory by visualizing the documents – maybe a stack of papers and with a passport on top – in the cupboard you keep them, and try to make the picture as vivid as possible. Do this as many times as you can throughout the day and see the results for yourself. The same also applies to students when reading o…

Rivers Deputy Governor-Reacts To The Escape Of Man Who Killed Girl For Ritual.

Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo, has said it is embarrassing to hear that a ritual murder suspect in police custody could escape.

In a statement from her office in the Government House, Port Harcourt, the Deputy Governor said the Police and other law enforcement agencies should step up their game and ensure that the felon is re-arrested and brought to justice without delay.

She stressed that the report that the suspect escaped from the hands of the Investigating Police officer is totally unacceptable.

Banigo who condoled the bereaved family on the gruesome murder of little Miss Victory Chikamnso said “as a mother I am still numb with shock to hear that a full grown man could defile an eight year old girl and also go ahead to mutilate her body for purported money rituals”.

Photos Of A Young Lady Who Survived Gas Explosion.

A young lady, identified as Chinenye, has taken to social media to recount the ordeal that almost took her life a year ago. She shared old and new photos of herself and thanked God that even though she watched people die, the Lord still kept her.

Read how she chronicled her experience below:

    “Unforgettable 17th Of June!!! I woke up today remembering how my whole life flashed before my eyes, a thousand things I would and wouldn’t have done swept through my mind in milliseconds while my body roasted on, the fire was everywhere. I looked at the cylinder and the burning waste bin beside it, I was horrified, I thought it was going to explode, I definitely thought that moment was my last, … In my shock and fear I managed to unlock and run out from one of the jammed doors, still terrified, I couldn’t understand what just happened, it felt like I looked death in the eye and it looked away. I was numb.

    Today marks ONE YEAR of the tragic GAS EXPLOSION that almost claimed my life
    I am …

Darkness Everywhere - Man Who Killed Girl For Rituals Escaped.

There was confusion in Port Harcourt on Monday when a man who was arrested for allegedly r*ping, killing and removing vital organs of an eight-year-old girl, escaped from police custody.

The suspected rutualist, Ifeanyi Dike, who ended the life of the girl named Victory Chikamso, escaped from the police custody after he was caught by a local vigilante, who immediately handed him over to the police on Saturday.

What happened? How did he escape?

While speaking during a Port Harcourt-based radio’s programme, on Monday, the father of the victim, Dr. Ernest Nmezuwuba, who was at the State Criminal Investigation Department when the suspected murderer and ritual killer escaped from police custody, said Dike took advantage of the darkness within the SCID’s premises to escape.

According to a report by Punch newspaper, the suspect was able to escape because one of the policemen on duty on Saturday night identified as Johnbosco had unlocked the handcuffs for Dike to write his statement.

The fath…

Some Of The Steps You Should Take,To Protect Your Online Privacy

With almost everyone relying on the internet to perform tasks, there is barely anything like privacy. All your personal information are readily available to everyone by simply googling your name. However, you can control the information others have access to online thereby guaranteeing your online privacy by taking certain steps.

Password all your devices Protect all your devices with passwords and that includes your computers, tablets, smartphones and anything other gadgets with your personal data on them. If it is unsecured by a password, your lost or stolen gadget will become a source of personal information for whoever has it and this can lead to identity theft.

Use two-factor authentication
The two-factor authentication is becoming very popular today. Activating this feature will not give you or any other person immediate access to your accounts. Instead, when you login, you will need to enter a special code that the website texts to your phone. No code, no access.

Do not share too…

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) Releases Cut-off Marks for Admission.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially fixed the cut off marks for the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Ishaq Oloyede, registrar, JAMB, made this known on Tuesday at the policy meeting of the stakeholders of tertiary institutions in Abuja.

It was unanimously agreed that the minimum cut-off marks for university degree is,
120. The stakeholders pegged that of polytechnic to be 100, colleges of education 100, while national innovative enterprise institution remained at 110 marks.

The registrar said the timelines for admission of first choice was October 15, while second choice would be December 15.

Oloyede also said 569,395 of the 1.7 million candidates that wrote this year’s UTME scored over 200 marks.

He said 23.8 per cent of the total number of the candidates scored below 160 marks.

Oloyede urged the heads of the various tertiary institutions to set their modalities for admissions exercises as it was not the board’s responsibility.

He said that no candidate witho…