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Apparently, Evolution Is Too Hard For Kids.

Changes to the Turkish secondary school science curriculum that has been expected to take effect by 2019 will be in place next month, according to recent updates on the controversial measure.

While the government sees this as the foundation for a simpler, "values-based" education system, for many in the politically-charged nation it's a troubling sign of religious influences.

Earlier this year drafts of the new Turkish education curriculum were discovered to no longer contain any mention of the word 'evolution', inspiring a call-to-arms from science advocacy groups such as the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Society.

The chair of Turkey's Board of Education, Alpaslan Durmuş, has since outlined on the board's website the specific changes to the nation's primary and secondary curriculum, one of which is the removal of the grade 9 topic "Origin of Life and Evolution".

"We have excluded controversial subjects for students at an age unable…

Photo Of New Robbers Tactics.

Deadly armed robbers left a woman bewildered yesterday after using new tactics to loot her shop in Delta state.

A Nigerian woman by name Misan has been left shocked after coming to her shop to realize that her shop has been robbed.

The robbers penetrated the shop via a big hole they dug on the ground to enter the shop and steal various items including shirts, shoes and perfumes.

The incident happened in Sapele, Delta state. Misan is now appealing to the authorities to come to her aid and apprehend the perpetrators after sharing the photos on social media.