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APC Poor Governance Model Is Destroying National Institutions Says Governor Wike.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has decried the destruction  of key national institutions by the poor governance model of the APC Federal Government.

Speaking during  a Thanksgiving Service in honour of Senator George Thompson Sekibo at the St Thomas Anglican Church in Diobu on Sunday, Governor Wike said that due to the negative  governance  style of the APC, the police and INEC have  metamorphosed  into rigging machines that threaten the peace of the country.

According to him, the Appeal Court judgment which led to  the  loss of Rivers East Senatorial District mandate was a fallout  of the unfortunate illegal  alliance  between the police and INEC.

He explained that the APC tendered results certified by the Police to the Tribunal, which the tribunal  relied  on, rather than the  results declared by INEC on election day. He said incidentally, both the INEC  and Police results had  the  same serial numbers, which revealed the fraud perpetrated  by the  two institutions.

He s…

Advantages Of Sex Education.

Before you jump on the abstinence band wagon you should consider the benefits of s*x education. There are a lot of people who feel that s*x education gives young people free reign to throw off whatever moral shackles that they were raised with to become crazy s*x fiends. When it’s done properly the benefits of s*x education can far out weigh what can happen if young people are left ignorant about s*x.

One of the benefits of s*x education is it’s ability to re-enforce the moral code a person has by giving them the information that they need to avoid the pit falls of unwanted pregnancy STD’s and HIV by giving them them the information that they need to play safe it they decide to become sexually active and help them stay tough against pressure if they decide that having s*x isn’t the right thing for them to do right now. So when you’re thinking what to tell your kids about s*x, think of some of these benefits of s*x education.

Stop negative outcomes. One of the benefits of s*x education i…

Son Walks Mother Down The Aisle.

Son walking his mother down the aisle becomes internet sensation.

A first glance at this photo without checking the headline could make you think these guys are getting married!

Not to shock you but this is actually a guy walking his mum down the aisle to get married!

The photo is making rounds online after it was shared.

North Korea Fires Short-range Missile, Despites Warnings.

Kim Jong Un appears to have dared the U.S President Donald Trump with his latest military action despite strict sanctions slammed on the country.

North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles Saturday, the US military said, reviving tensions with Washington after President Donald Trump had said Pyongyang was starting to show some “respect”.

The launches come as tens of thousands of South Korean and US troops take part in joint military drills in the south of the peninsula, which the North views as highly provocative.
Following an initial US assessment saying that two of the missiles had “failed in flight”, a spokesman for the US Pacific Command later said the two weapons had not failed but “flew approximately 250 kilometres (155 miles) in a northeastern direction”.

One of the three missiles blew up “almost immediately”, with none of the weapons posing a threat to either North America or the US territory of Guam, the spokesman said.
Lee Il-Woo, an analyst at Korea Defence Network,…

Governor Wike Says APC Would Have Tackled The Judiciary.

Rivers East Senatorial District: Governor Wike says APC would have tackled the Judiciary

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared  that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress  (APC) only launches  campaign of calumny against the Judiciary when they  lose cases, but applaud them each  time they emerge victorious.
 The governor  also stated  that the  outcome of the litigation  on the Rivers East Senatorial District Seat has confirmed  the alarm he raised that INEC and police  were in partnership  to rig elections in the state.

Speaking  during a stakeholders  meeting with leaders of Okirika and Ogu-Bolo  Local Government Areas at the Government House Port Harcourt on Saturday, Governor Wike said: "Now that we have  lost, nobody is saying that the Judiciary is corrupt. They  are not saying that the Judiciary is corrupt because they have  won.
"Tomorrow  if we win, they will say Judiciary  is corrupt. Then they  will  send security operatives to arrest the…

The American national, Marco Ramirez,Begs To Leave Kirikiri Prisons After 2 Months.

An accused American man who is being held at the Kirikiri prisons has begged to leave the facility after two months.

The American national, Marco Ramirez, was accused of defrauding 3 Nigerians to the tune of $565,000 on the false pretense of obtaining a green card for them.

Ramirez, after spending two months in the Kirikiri prisons, has approached the Lagos State High Court in Ikeja to beg for variation of his bail condition.

The American national in his plea before the court is seeking to leave the Kirikiri prisons where he has been remanded.

Ramirez, on Friday, August 25, 2017, while approaching Justice Ganiyu Safari of the Lagos State High Court stated that his health condition was deteriorating in the Kirikiri prison hence the need for a bail condition which could easily be met.

His legal counsel, Ademola Adefolaju, further pleaded with the court to allow his client bring a directorate cadre in the Lagos State Civil Service as a substitute for the earlier pronounced order demandi…

Mayweather And Mcgregor Makes The Fight Of The Year.

After months of trash-talking, a world tour, and last night’s weigh in, the most eagerly anticipated boxing matches of all time, Mayweather v McGregor is finally here.

All purses have finally been revealed for the boxers on the MayMac card, and unsurprisingly, Conor and Floyd are cleaning house.
When “the biggest fight in combat sports” finally goes down tomorrow night, two gentlemen are going to be doing very, very well in financial terms.

While Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Conor McGregor might not end up as advertised, it’s probably safe to say it will be the biggest fight of the year and will likely end up being one of, if not the highest PPV draw of all time. Only the numbers will be able to tell that tale, and those won’t likely be available until next week.

Some other numbers of interest, though, are the fight purses. There has been plenty of speculation about the mega-millions that will be awarded on this card, and with $131,850,500 in total on the table, some of the athletes featured…

Disadvantages Of Too Much Sex.

This list of the effects of having too much s*x will give you a bit of incentive to pace yourself during your next s*x session. The effects of too much s*x maybe uncomfortable. but for the most part they aren’t anything that a quick break and keeping plenty of lubricant on hand can’t handle. The effects of too much s*x are generally soreness and a temporary loss of sensation, but in extreme cases the effects of too much s*x can lead into the dark and murky world of s*x addiction.

Getting sore-Perhaps the most annoying effects of too much s*x is the soreness. The friction that is created during s*x can be totally hot, but too much friction–especially dry friction–can cause you to become sore during and after s*x. The best way to save your naughty bits from friction is to take a break or make sure to keep plenty of lubrication on hand.

Dopamine overdose- Dopamine is one of many hormones that the brain produces during s*x. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that drives us to have s*x and mak…