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The State Chief Executive Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has called on all Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers and Women of Child bearing age to take advantage of the ongoing 1st Round Maternal, New Born and Child Health Week to access Medicare.

 The Governor made this call at the Flag Off of the Maternal and Child Health Week at the Primary Health Centre, Ozuoba, in Obio Akpor Local Government Area of the State.
Represented by the Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Governor Wike said his administration is highly committed to the timely implementation of health programmes by providing all the needed funds, stressing that he does not condone delays especially in health matters. “If there are any delays the respective organizations will be held accountable” he warned.

He called on our technical partners and policy drivers to work closely and ensure that a second round is carried out before the end of this year.

Governor Wike who said the events will be going on simultaneously in all the hea…

High Heels Are Not For Godly Christian Ladies.

“A Christian woman who like wearing high heel shoes is married to the world” – a popular Nigerian cleric’s comment has been trailed by criticisms on social media.

The founder and General Overseer of the Revelation of Truth Evangelical Ministries, Evangelist Gideon Akande, has taken to his Facebook page to speak against Christian ladies who wear high heels.
Here’s what he posted on Facebook:

“A Christian woman who like wearing high heel shoes is married to the world; she may be in the church, but her soul is in the world. You will NEVER see a godly, chaste and modest Christian lady wearing high heel shoe.”
He wrote further; “If high heel shoes, makeups and downs were to be the solution for happy life and marriage, many ladies of these days would be living paradise on earth life, but rather they are living hell on earth. With all the makes, devil still make mess out of their lives and marriages, with the high heel shoes, their husbands still cheat on them and abuse them, living in unce…

What Happens To Your Vagina After Giving Birth.

Life changes after you have a baby. How could it not? You brought another human being into the world. But while everyone warns you to expect less sleep and more stress once you have a newborn to care for, no one mentions another change: what happens to your lady bits.

“Every woman is going to experience some [vaginal] changes after childbirth, and nobody is going to be exactly the same as they were before being pregnant,” says Alyssa Dweck, MD, New York–based ob-gyn and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V.

But here’s the upside. Though it’s totally normal for things to look and feel different down below, most of these changes subside as your hormone production and other body functions return to their regular pre-pregnancy levels, says Dr. Dweck. Plus, there are some things you can do (hi, kegels!) to make the transformation shorter and less intense. Here’s what to expect when you’re no longer expecting.

Your v**ina can feel looser
After pushing out something the size of a watermel…