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Sunday Declared As A National Day Of Prayer By Trump.

US President Donald Trump has visited the victims Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the disaster made landfall in the state a week ago, causing devastating floods.

Some residents have been allowed to return to their homes but flood waters are still rising in other areas.

47 persons have been confirmed dead, and about 43,000 people are currently housed in shelters. Mr Trump has asked Congress for $7.8bn (£6bn).

BBC reports that the sum would be an initial payment to help with recovery efforts following the flooding in both Texas and Louisiana, which has also hit production at America’s main petrol and oil refining centre.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has said the state may need more than $125bn in aid.

President Trump and his wife Melania visited Texas earlier in the week but stayed clear of the disaster zone, saying they did not want to divert resources from rescue efforts.

However, the president was criticised for not meeting victims of the flooding and for focusing largely on the logistics of t…

Control What You Eat; Your Health Matters.

These sugar drinks and some foods contain high amounts of fat, sodium, carbs, and calories that may increase your risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, uncontrolled blood sugar Diabetes , and weight gain. The good news is you can indulge in waters and still healthfully.

Water may help with decongestion and dehydration, helping the body bounce back when feeling under the weather.

Brain boost
A study in found a link between students bringing water into an exam room and better grades, suggesting H2O promotes clearer thinking.

Nobody wants to deal with digestion issues. Luckily, drinking enough water.
The amount of water people need per day is up for debate, but studies suggest adults need nine to 16 cups of H2O. However this number varies depending on activity level, age, and how much water people are consuming in coffee, tea, or water-rich veggies and fruit.
Pain prevention.

A little water can really go a long way. Aching joints and muscle cramps and strains ca…


Over 200 Members of the APC defects to PDP in Rivers state.

Over two hundred members of the All Progressives Congress in Ihugbogo community in Ahoada  East Local  Government Area,  today defected to the Peoples Democratic Party.
The former members of the APC who expressed happiness on their return to  the PDP described the APC at the centre as a vision less Government without clear road map to drive the economy of the country.

They lamented that the government of the APC,  has brought untold hardship to the People including it's members.

They further explained that the leadership and developmental strides of Governor Wike also informed their decision to support and return to the PDP

Receiving them, A leader of the party in the LGA, Prof Kaniye Ebeku assured they will be carried along in activities of the party.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Gotten From A Fresh Mouth.

It’s habit that most of us take part in… and most of us end up with high blood pressure. Is there a connection?

There most definitely is… and it comes down to bacteria.

Now, I’m not talking about the bad bacteria in your mouth that you’ve heard can harm your heart by releasing toxins and getting into your bloodstream causing inflammation. This is all about the good bacteria that research keeps revealing is not only good for us, but also has an active role in how your body functions…

“Washing” out natural BP regulators
Every time you rinse and gargle with mouthwash you’re washing out odor-causing bacteria from your mouth.

Sure, you’ll have minty fresh breath, but you could be paying a higher price. That because when you take part in this daily dental habit you are interfering with your body’s natural production of a vital nutrient that helps manage your blood pressure — nitric oxide (NO).

The lining of your blood vessels perform important functions that affect your blood flow and blood pres…

Husband Pours Acids On His Wife Over A little Argument.

It was an horrific sight to behold of a wife who was left disfigured , blind  and unable to eat or speak when her own husband threw acid over her face in a horrific attack .
According to eye witness report, the victim identified as Atsede Nigussiem, 26, from Tigrai, Ethiopia, had been at home at 11 p.m. on July 15 when she opened the door to her estranged husband Haimanot Kahsai, 29, and without warning, he allegedly poured a corrosive substance all over her face as her five-year-old son Hannibal Kahsai slept inside.

In agony, Atsede ran screaming into the street for help from neighbours, while her estranged husband fled. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors gave her emergency care for wounds on her face, chest, hands and legs.
Doctors recommended travelling abroad for long-term care and treatment so she flew to Bangkok, Thailand with her sister where burns specialists at the city’s Vejthani Hospital are now battling to treat her.

It’s been two months since the attack and Atsed…

Star Mag Claims Khloe K Is 3 Months Pregnant.

It’s no news that Khloe Kardashian has been wanting to start a family with her NBA boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. But a new report claims that the reality star is 3 months pregnant and has been dumped by the Cleveland Cavaliers star.
A source told the Star magazine that Khloe placed so much pressure on Thompson to commit to her and start a family that it eventually scared him off.

“Khloe had been trying to lock Tristan down, angling to move in together and get pregnant,” the insider says.

“Khloe thought Tristan was her soulmate. Plus, her clock was ticking pretty loudly. There was nothing she wanted more than to have a baby with him.”

The source says that while Tristan will be focusing on his career and remaining single, he also plans to do right and stand by Khloe.

“[Tristan will] do the right thing and stand by Khloe. But he’s made it clear that it’s all about staying friends for the sake of the baby,” the source said.
Last week, Khloe’s BFF, Malika Haqq, spoke about her friend’s relation…