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One of the greatest mistakes we make as men is to bask in the euphoria of victory when the wife suddenly stops complaining or nagging. We celebrate our phantom victory, ignorantly mistaking her silence to mean that she has been subdued or she has finally accepted what was making her complain or nag. A woman is known to nag and fight over a man for whom she has feelings for, she moves to protect her territory at the slightest sign of encroachment. She wants him to be perfect, she tries to make him fit into her fantasy image of Mr right. A wise man shouldn’t be worried when the nagging is going on, however, you should be very worried if the fighting and nagging suddenly stops. If she suddenly starts to ignore the things that used to make her quarrel and fight, pay closer attention and move to make things right before you loose her for good.

When a woman stops nagging or complaining, one of two things may have happened. She has either fallen out of love for you and does not care about yo…