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A bad sitting posture could cause major damage to legs.

The crossing of knees is a very common pose people adopt when sitting down; many people do this consciously. This position is elegant, and often associated with being ’’feminine’’ and ’’ladylike.’’  But not too many people know that sitting crossed leg can have some serious consequences on their health and bodies.

Charming as sitting with a crossed-leg posture may seem to be, it is not a normal sitting position to be encouraged for prolonged period of time.

“A fat person that sits with crossed-leg will feel the muscles of the thigh rub more on themselves. So, it will not be too comfortable for a fat person, even if a slim person can cope,” said Dr Fatai Adeniyi, a physiotherapist, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to Dr Adeniyi, sitting with crossed legs would also require that the ligaments that hold the bones also have to stretch to keep that position because it is not a normal anatomic position.

“This can affect blood circulation; there will be a point tha…