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Sani Sugessting to President Buhari on how to pay the new minimum wage.

Shehu Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central, on Tuesday urged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to fulfil its promise of implementing the new National Minimum Wage for workers by the third quarter of 2018.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, Sani said if the promise was made in the interest of the workers, it has to be implemented.

The lawmaker added that if it was made as a political statement, there would certainly be a repercussion.

According to Sani, the implementation of the National Minimum Wage was long overdue as workers are faced with various challenges and hardships.

He said, “The honour of the government and the integrity is to keep to that promise and that pledge, if not it is going to affect the relationship between workers and the government.

“I do not think Nigerian workers are doing well, if you look at the reality of life today, the economic situation and compare it to the minimum wage.

“It means what they are earning, there is nothing to write home abou…

“I just fired Secretary of State" - President Trump.

President Donald Trump of the US has revealed why he sacked US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

On why he sacked Tillerson, Trump said Tillerson spoke ill about Russia President, Vladimir Putin despite his warning.

“I just fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Yesterday Rex said something mean about Putin.

“I’ve warned every American that under no circumstances was anyone allowed to criticize Putin or Russia (even if they committed acts of war against us). Mike Pompeo will replace Rex,” Trump tweeted

President Buhari had on Monday received the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Buhari after his meeting with Tillerson said the federal government had considered the option of negotiation to rescue the abducted students.

Omamen Iyawe, Slumps and dies during church service.

Omamen Iyawe, the wife of Pastor Idahosa Iyawe, Assistant Pastor of The StandPoint Church, Abuja, is dead.

According to reports, Mars Iyawe died on the 4th of March 2018, as praise and worship session was on-going during Sunday service.

According to the church, the 29-year-old mom was deeply and intensely lost in worship, lifted up her hands and was called to a higher place of praise and worship.

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Her service of songs is set for tomorrow, March 14th in Abuja.

Her brother identified as Ejiro Onobrakpor has also taken to Instagram last night to share his grief over the untimely death of his beautiful young sister.

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Below is what He posted:

“For a moment I forgot

“For a moment I challenged God

“Filled with grief, I questioned Him

“How dare you allow this to happen?

“This was not the promise!

“I wept.

“My eyes were sour

“Oma was gone.