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Nigerians Calls on the Federal Government to subsidise healthcare services in the health sector.

Those who spoke on the issue in Abuja decried the outrageous amounts being demanded by both public and private health facilities.

They urged for both private and public hospitals to allow unfettered access to healthcare services by citizens.

Mr Sunday Davies, an Abuja based businessman, said that accessing health facilities was now a burden to the people, adding that the humongous bills being handed down to patients was getting scary.

According to him, one needs to think twice before seeking medical help in any health facility in the country now because of high charges.

Davies therefore called on the federal government to heavily subsidise the healthcare services  as done in the oil sector, adding that this is the only way the citizenry could benefit from the government.

Mr Abubakar Kabiru, an Abuja based legal practitioner, said it was ridiculous that Nigerians had to pay heavily to access healthcare, adding that this service should be the right of every Nigerian.

He noted that in d…

Governor Wike calls on the Government of United States to partner with the State Government on Agriculture

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has called on the Government of the United States of America to partner with the State Government to develop the agricultural sector.

Speaking during a meeting with the United States Consul General in Nigeria, Mr. F. John Bray at the Government House Port Harcourt on Tuesday, Governor Wike said investments in the agricultural sector will enhance employment opportunities.

He said that the Rivers State Government has developed a flexible land allocation scheme to agricultural investors.

The governor added that the Rivers State Government  has also improved  on security across all the state, noting that  all foreign direct investments will be protected

Governor Wike also called for partnership with the United States Government in the area of Information and Communication technology.

He furrher said that the Rivers State Government will be interested in partnership in the area of waste management.

The Consul General of the United States Embassy in…

Festus Keyamo:The last administration sacrificed the peace of this nation.

"If Nigeria is divided today, who divided it?

Who started attacking a section of the country verbally calling them cows, calling Nigeria a zoo and using a religious body to make political statements?

When they were doing this all in the name of attacking Buhari, where were the Press?

Have you ever seen Buhari going to seek Imam's endorsement or campaigning in the Mosque?

 The last Administration did everything to sacrifice the peace of this nation for political selfish reasons...."

Ladies sex is not enough to keep a relationship with your man.

It's possible for any man to ask for sex in a relationship, but is left for you as a lady to know that sex, can't keep him..( Sex isn't enough)

There are two major factors ladies complain about sex in a relationship:
√ After giving him my body he left me..
√ He left because I refused to have sex with him..

NOTE: Both those who gave and those who refused to give are complaining..Whats the difference

Ladies Listen, Sex isn't enough, its not the only thing you can offer a man.
If You Don't Have Anything To Offer A Man Outside Sex, Please remain Single...

A man can't stay with you because his having sex with you....

Relationship is not buying and selling.
There are much to life than Monkey style, Doggy style, Missionary style, Apple n juice style, step pillows style, etc ...

Are you sound intellectually? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
Men love intelligent ladies...
Men love ladies with ideas..
Men love respectful ladies...
Men loves ladies who hav…

Tribal War At The Army Barracks, 82 Division Enugu. Three Soldiers Feared Dead

Divide among the ethnic groups that make up Nigeria as men of the Nigerian army opened fire on each other with at least three soldiers feared dead.

The cause of the shooting and killing was as a result of ill treatment of the Igbo soldiers as to concerning peace keepings.

According our source, 82 Division Nigerian Army Enugu were giving a mandate to shortlist about 54 soldiers to join hands and combat Niger Delta Militants uprising, which the GOC Brigadier Gen Ibrahim Attahiru assigned to two commanders who hails from Northern and another from South Western Nigeria respectively.

But owing to disunity, nepotism and tribalism that beclouds the Nation Nigeria, these commanders shortlisted all 54 Igbo soldiers.

One of the enlisted Soldier who was saddened by the outcome of this list questioned the process used to enlist only Igbo Soldiers to this mission of death. The commander picked offense and demanded to know what gave him the audacity to question him, talk more off conceiving to disobey…