The doing away with a responsibility or a liability.


A dialect of the Nepali language.

Lower Kartli

A historic province and current administrative region in southeastern Georgia.

Af-Hawiyya Spoken

The dialects of the Af-Hawiyya language.


A subdivision of geophysics which includes determination of the size and shape of the earth, the earth's gravitational field, and the location of points fixed to the earth's crust in an earth-referred coordinate system.

articles of association

Act which determines the legal relationships within a company.

forest biodiversity

The variability among living organisms and the ecological processes of which they are part; this includes diversity of living in forests within species, between species, and of ecosystems.


The most important goddess of the Japanese Shinto religion who is a personification of the sun and light.


A method of medical imaging where radioisotopes are administered in a patient, and the emitted radiation is captured to form two-dimensional images.

veggie burger

Hamburger with a patty consisting of vegetables, soy, nuts, mushrooms or similar instead of meat.