Konda-Dora Spoken

Dialects of the Konda-Dora language.


  1. Dialect of the Slovak lnguage spoken in Turiec.
  2. A region in central Slovakia.


To supply with critical or explanatory notes.


The study of the style used in spoken and written language, and what effect the writer or speaker would achieve with the reader or hearer.


The dialects of the Varhadi-Nagpuri language.


Relating to morbilliviruses.


Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX; form of UNIX partially based on the original UNIX source code but also incorporating recent developments. BSD is open source and free for all to use and share, with practically no restrictions.

absorption band

A range of wavelengths (or, equivalently, frequencies) in the electromagnetic spectrum which are able to excite a particular transition in a substance.


An end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music.

Union of the Comoros

A country in Eastern Africa whose capital is Moroni. Comoros consists of four islands in the Indian Ocean located between northern Madagascar and northeastern Mozambique.